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Posted by on Jul 2, 2016

We have seen what a girl needs for school, but sometimes children have no idea what to buy a new school year, so we’re here to help! Jackets, pants and shoes, we’ll tell you what to buy and what not. As for next year is to have clothes for men!

Every time before school starts, people get crazy around the purchase of new equipment for another year, even things that do not even need, including clothing, arriving as an essential element for all, but this year Most people relate to the economy, squandered a lot of money on clothing is almost impossible, so we will see what the boys must have items this year at school!

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As always, the jeans are a must at all times for a single person, a pair of jeans should be in the closet! Try to choose a pair that fit well, do not miss, and certainly not small, because they are classics that you can use anywhere, from school to work. Try a color that goes well with the clothes in your wardrobe dominated, like curtains. Never buy one pair of casual jeans with many particulars of it, because they are unnecessary should change in a few months.


Again, the classical direction this season, even if we talk about men’s fashion footwear.Converse All Star shoes from Vans Authentic Canvas typical, opt for the comfort and the accident is not a surprise, men’s fashion. If you prefer shoes or neutral color to go from fun pop colors, whatever, not because they are good only beautiful but also with sport or style of urban roads.


For shirts, this season is all about colors and styles in adolescence. Go for pink, red, green, blue tones common interesting and entertaining look at the same time. , Points Stripes polka, and prints in fashion this season shirts, because they are perfect for school while maintaining a casual fashion. In addition, denim shirts are this season must purchase the item for the fall 2010 season!

Leather Jacket

The days of autumn rain, when everyone still go to school, there is nothing that gives you time for a leather jacket raw rock’n’roll. It will look cool in school and there will be a badass hottie after. If you go to the club, walk, have fun with your friends since the fall of a leather jacket for comfort care. Keep it hardcore with dark colors, from black to brown or blue-green!

Winter Coat

As everyone can see recent changes from season to season, weather, summer is hotter than you might expect, and the freezing winter of the brain, but that does not mean we can not keep us warm and is always in front of fashion at the same time. The fact that we want to be comfortable, not to say that we got our pool in public, right? For the winter season, the boys must choose a good winter coat, with a class that can last, but would cost more than one season if it is simple and based on fashion trends. Remember to look like a man, not a teenager!

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